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Turn hot glass into cool stuff!
3333 Lake Shore Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14219
Virtual One-on-One Coaching is a highly interactive, internet-based process in which Vicki Schneider, a respected glass artist and professional instructor, observes you working at your torch and coaches you on the soft glass skills and projects you have selected.

Vicki also conducts personalized demonstrations, as needed, while you observe her at her torch. 

Each session is held in real time, with you at your torch and Vicki at hers.  
Expressive Glass​                    716-825-3333
3333 Lake Shore Rd., Buffalo,NY 14219
Questions? Comments? Next Steps.
Virtual One-on-One Coaching in Soft Glass 
with Vicki Schneider
Do you work in soft glass?
Do you work in a safe studio with proper ventilation, eye protection, etc.
What type of projects do you most want to work on?
The next step is to complete a skills and interest inventory? Should I send you one?
On mandrelOff mandrel/sculpturalBoth
YesNoNot yet